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Welcome to our website dedicated to sharing knowledge about the DigiTech TimeBender Musical Delay. We're a group of people that have been involved with some of the testing of this pedal for DigiTech. Over the last few months we've learned a lot about the TimeBender and now that it's shipping, we're being asked more and more about how we got certain sounds, or how some of the features work. We figured it might be good to put this information up on a website. Well..as you can see we may have gotten a bit carried away! It's just that one of us wanted to learn about creating web sites, and another of us wanted to learn about video...

Anyway, we have had fun making this site and we hope it will allow you to learn more about the TimeBender and what it is capable of doing. We realized pretty early on that this isn't just a basic delay pedal - we're still finding new and unexpected sounds all the time. Hopefully this web site will help you get to some of these sounds faster!

There are three kinds of posts on this site to help you learn more about the TimeBender pedal. There are Audio Clip posts, Feature Description posts and Video Tutorial posts, each of which are identified by colored icons in the top right corner of the posts thumbnail image. For example the thumbnails for Digital Mode posts are shown as follows:

Audio Clips Feature Descriptions Video Tutorials
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You can select the "Audio Clips", "Feature Descriptions" or "Video Tutorials" Links at the top of the page to view all posts of each type respectively. Alternatively, you can just click on the respective link in the right sidebar.

The posts have also been categorized to make it easy for you to find the effect or feature you are looking for - simply click on a category in the right sidebar.

You can also check one or more post types on the right sidebar and 1 or more categories and hit submit to narrow or broaden your search further. A general search is also available at the top of the sidebar.

Please visit the Requests page if there are other features you would like to see on this site and we will do our best to add a post for you.

Note: This is not the official DigiTech TimeBender website. You can find that website here: DigiTech TimeBender