Sweetwater Video Review

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Written By: TimeBender

We received a message from Daniel Fisher inviting us to post his Timebender demonstration videos he did for Sweetwater on our site. While we are not affiliated with Sweetwater in any way, we feel these demos are very good and will help end users get more out of the timebender, so here they are:

2 Responses to “Sweetwater Video Review”

  1. Glenn Thompson Says:

    I've been searching the market for a delay pedal for awhile. Watched demos of many brands. But once I found the Digitech Timebender...I'm sold. Picking one up tomorrow morning. The possibilities will keep me busy for a long time to come. Thanks!

  2. Glenn Thompson Says:

    Here I am more than 3yrs later... still having a blast with this pedal. The new Obscura Altered Delay by Digitech is coming out soon, and it is an interesting little unit, I have to wonder why they didn't go with an upgraded platform based on the TimeBender?

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