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Written By: TimeBender

This is a video compilation of some cool TimeBender effects. This not really a tutorial, but it does show you some of the wide variety of sounds that you can get out of the TimeBender. If you are interested in a specific sound, leave a comment and we will try to get the parameter values posted.

13 Responses to “Video Compilation”

  1. tommy Says:

    Do you know the settings for a U2-like multi-tap digital delay?

    Thanks in advance

  2. TimeBender Says:

    Here is an example of some edge style delays

  3. tommy Says:


    would you recommend this pedal for U2 delays

  4. tommy Says:


  5. TimeBender Says:


  6. tommy Says:

    is this as good as the strymon and eventide products

  7. TimeBender Says:

    Better IMO

  8. tommy Says:

    how is it better

  9. TimeBender Says:

    They are all very good delay products so it is really going to come down to personal opinion. Here is why I like the timebender better. First you can do more with the timebender than the eventide or strymon - just do a comparison of the features/effects. The strum pattern on the timebender is very cool and none of the competitors have that. Also the envelope effect is unique to the timebender and combined with the strum pattern is very powerful. The other thing the timebender has which I have not seen in any other delay pedal is the dynamic delay. This is very cool since you can have repeats up very high and when you pause in your playing, you get this very clean delay sound that repeats indefinitely. But more importantly I like the the fact that all your controls are knobs or buttons - there is nothing hidden going on in the background. There is still a bit of a learning curve, but once you get a feel for the pedal, it is very easy to craft a sound.

  10. tommy Says:

    this or the flashback

  11. tommy Says:


  12. TimeBender Says:

    The flashback is also a good delay, but not nearly as powerful as the timebender. But it is a single stomp so that is to be expected.

  13. Tony Says:

    Just picked one of these cool pedals up, wondering if you pros have any tips on producing an effect that would emulate the raygun effect Steve Stevens uses in Rebel yell?

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