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22 Responses to “Help”

  1. Ralf Jung Says:

    Hi guys
    let me know if you need some audio or videofiles for this page....I am happy to help!

  2. TimeBender Says:

    Hi Ralf - Always happy to put more content on the site - especially yours :-)

  3. Bob Logue Says:

    Unable to play the files using IE7. I am blind and using Jaws screen reader. It normally works with Flash but I do not see any player buttons.

  4. TimeBender Says:

    Hi Bob - I just tried to play the files in IE7 and they played fine. I am not familiar with the JAWS screen reader. Could it be some issue with that?

  5. Bob Logue Says:

    Do the clips play automatically when you land on a page with a clip? Or, is there something one need to click to have the audio clip play?

  6. TimeBender Says:

    On most of the pages there are multiple audio files that can be played back. Each audio file is played using a flash graphic which has a speaker symbol on the left and a play symbol on the right . You have to click on the play symbol to play the audio, which causes the flash graphic to open up and show you the state of the playback.

  7. Bob Logue Says:

    Ok. Jaws isn't seeing those Flash controls. I think it's a setting on your end because Jaws normally sees Flash. For example: I can play videos on Youtube. That's where I found You.
    BTW: I enjoyed the videos I heard on Youtube. A local dealer has a TimeBender so I'm going to check it out in person to find out if I can use it.
    OH. I am not a guitar player. I play a Casio digital horn and hope the Time Bender will be compatible with it. Wish me luck.

  8. TimeBender Says:

    Bob - sorry that Jaws is not working for you. Unfortunately, I don't really know why Jaws isn't seeing it. I bet the timebender will sound great with a digital horn. Please post some stuff on YouTube and let me know. I'd love to hear it.

  9. Bob Logue Says:

    Ok. Will let you know how it goes. Don't know if I'll post on Youtube, I'm a bit shy. Haven't been playing the horn long.
    Bob out

  10. Paw Paw Says:

    Are there any other sites like for the Jamman? I did a google search but didnt see any. You could/should really make a site for each of the entire line of products and partner with digitech.
    Very quality work!

  11. TimeBender Says:

    Thanks for the compliment. No we have not done a site for the Jamman. We focused on the Timebender because we all loved it so much.

  12. dayslypper Says:

    I didn't found anywhere if it's possible to control ON/OFF pedal via external footswitch. Listing of presets and overdubbing are OK. But no information about the main function.

  13. TimeBender Says:

    The external footswitch is only used for preset up/dn and for ending a loop and going directly into overdubbing. The advantage of using the external footswitch for preset control is that you can go up and down (whereas with the right footswitch on the unit you can only go up). Also if you have an external footswitch plugged in, this allows you to leave the right footswitch on the unit dedicated to tap tempo.

  14. Daniel Fisher Says:

    Hi TimeBender,

    Cool site!

    Here are two videos I made that you can put on your site if you wish:


  15. TimeBender Says:

    Hi Daniel - Thanks! We'll definitely post your videos on our site. They are very well done and informative. Any chance you could get Sweetwater to put a link to our site on the timebender page?


  16. Wiaan Says:

    Recently bougth a timebender

  17. c.aboutit Says:

    I have some questions about the Timebender:

    1. Will it do a good compression effect?
    2. Is there any effect, save clipping, that it can't get?
    3. Can it do rotation and directional fades?

    Excluding a computer with modeling software, what other box is better at doing the type of effects above?

  18. Charles Aboutit Says:

    I have some questions about the Timebender:

    1. How do you get good compression effect?
    2. What effects, save clipping, does it not do or do poorly?
    3. Can it do rotation and directional fades?

  19. Eric V Says:

    Not sure anyone still reads this, I have a problem with my timebender started yesterday. When I turned it on it was very noisy and I couldn't hear the guitar I could hear the delays pulsate but nothing else. Any help would be great.

  20. phil Says:

    Hi was wondering if a whammy type sound can be achieved with this pedal.

    thank you


  21. TimeBender Says:

    Not really Phil - it does change the pitch of the notes in some of the modes when you change the delay (ie tape modes) since that is what would happen with a tape delay, but there is no way to smoothly change the pitch of the note without changing the delay.


  22. Zadon Says:

    If any one is still interested the yamaha F7 works great with timebender and is cheapestt and well built product. it is stereo jacked which was made for the yamaha keyboards. I like you was searching for the right pedal. . bought a few found out they are not working like my : ;F7 yamaha. this is it under 50.oo$

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